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Outside Sales Representative

Chicago, IL
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Have you ever thought that you would like to be in sales but you did not think you had the

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So far I’ve had great support and have gotten resumes from some really good candidates. I’m convinced this might be a good offering for employers. I’d recommend them.

I saw a Twitter posting from Hometown MBA during their pre-launch. I visited the site and found that it’s helpful to have a single source that MBA professionals like me can go to to view different job and project opportunities. I like their integration with Indeed as well.

At first I was reluctant to try Hometown MBA given there are so many job sites out there, but it’s really easy to use. I had some questions on posting my resume and they took my call right away and were real helpful.

My first reaction after being contacted by Hometown MBA last week was “Oh, God, not another job board!” Since then, I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s a simple, easy to use site and posting jobs has been no-hassle.

Hey, ANYONE that can help me find a job I’m going to give them a try. I like the Hometown site. I’m looking for a part-time or freelance opportunity this fall while I’m in school so hopefully this site will be helpful.

I think these guys at Hometown might have a really good solution. They’re still in beta so I will hold my final opinions on it, but I like what I see and I’m pleased with the support I’ve gotten so far. Good luck on this business.

I am trying out the site and have uploaded my resume. It looks good and was very easy to navigate, interfaced nicely to LinkedIn. Will forward it to other friends and colleagues. Best wishes for success!

Very cool concept and excellent value proposition to SMB’s that we can tactically leverage the knowledge capital of a MBA on a short term, contract basis.

How It All Works

Whether it’s an intern, a freelancer or someone seeking a permanent position, Hometown MBA is the best place for MBA students and professionals to connect with local businesses that are looking for people just like them.

We work to match local businesses with qualified MBA talent through our affiliations with universities, alumni groups, professional associations and social networks. In addition, through the Indeed syndicated network, we're connected to numerous job boards, business information sites, career expert sites, blogs, and search engines. So, by posting just once with us, we can market your opportunity to thousands of passive and active job seeking MBA students and professionals.

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Who says posting a job opening has to be expensive? Use Hometown MBA to gain access to quality MBA talent at a fraction of the price of the larger sites.



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Learning and Evolving

While it’s probably fair to say that not many businesses refresh their site immediately after their beta launch,  we decided to roll out both a new look and platform this week.  Based on early (positive) user feedback, we felt we needed to implement this change which will give us more flexibility to add-on new features

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Welcome to Hometown MBA

On behalf of the team behind Hometown MBA, I’d like to welcome you to our beta site and I’d also like to thank you for reading this very first article. So many things I could write about, but I’m mindful of the fact that you’re likely reading this because you really just want to know

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